Lim protocol İn chronic prostatitis



In patients with chronic prostatitis, there is inflammation and edema in the prostate. These changes in the prostate result in the disruption and obstruction of the circulation of the venous and lymphatic structures around the prostate (Pelvic congestion). As a result, the nerves adjacent to the prostate are compressed and the complaints of prostatitis that we know occur. Therefore, simply treating the prostate will not cure prostatitis. It is also necessary to correct the obstruction in these vascular structures. To achieve this, we have developed the unique LIM Protocol. The treatment program is determined individually in consultation with the patient.


: 1. Intraprostatic injections

2. Deep abdominopelvic (abdomen and pelvis) massage

3. Oral medical and phytotherapeutic agents.

1. Intraprostatic injection: It is intended to reduce inflammation and edema in the prostate. For this, very thin spinal needles used in nerve numbing are preferred. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions under transrectal USG. More than one injection is made, especially by targeting the inflamed and calcified areas of the prostate. The content of the injection cocktail (antibiotics and corticosteroids) is determined by leukocyte counting in the prostate fluid under the microscope, except for PCR tests and cultures taken after prostate massage. 6-8 sessions are applied every one week. Except for temporary hemospermia. it has no significant side effects. 2.Deep abdominopelvic (abdomen and pelvis) massage: It is an organ massage that targets the upper and lower abdomen with two hands. This technique improves blood, lymph and nerve flow in this area by reducing congestion and edema in the abdomen and pelvis. It releases emotional tension that can cause unnecessary stress in your body. .It helps to prevent the progression of chronic diseases while improving the body’s ability to repair and rebalance itself. It improves the circulation of the organs. It ensures the removal of venous and lymphatic congestion. The nervous system calms down. The function of internal organs improves. Communication of the endocrine system increases. It is good for erectile dysfunction. It increases blood flow in the prostate. It corrects the congestion in the lymph and veins around the prostate. It reduces inflammation and edema. It has a positive effect on sperm count. It is good for premature ejaculation. It is contraindicated in patients with intra-abdominal tumors and chemotherapy, inguinal and umbilical hernia, and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

3. Oral medical and phytotherapeutic agents: Dr.Turk is a Turkish urologist and phytotherapy specialist. He will give specially selected and arranged medical and phytotherapeutic agents to each patient. The purpose of their use is to increase blood flow in the prostate and genital organs by preventing inflammation and edema in the vessels in and around the prostate.